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Call me Samwise the Smart. Some months ago- never mind how long precisely- having little or nothing to do, and in the middle of my fourth reading of LOTR, I decided to create a website dedicated to my literary hero, Tolkien. So I bought a book on HTML, and started laboring upon this my site. Since mastering HTML, I have moved on to the more challenging Javascript and Java, which I hope will help me to improve the site in the future. It's been quite fun. But who am I? I am an incredibly intelligent, glorious and noble straight A student at McDougle Middle school. At school my mastery of Tolkien Lore is unmatched, and neither student nor teacher dare challenge me, lest they be utterly crushed. Yet the writings of literary genius and master of speech J.R.R. Tolkien are not my only interest. I also enjoy chess, latin, and computers, though I can't boast such mastery of those subjects. The following site I have dedicated to Tolkien and his works, because I think he has had a profound and positive affect on my life. I hope you find it usefull as well as entertaining. My E-mail address is listed below if you would like to comment on this page, and I have a list of links which you can use as your personal gateway in to the fabulous internet world of Tolkien. If you haven't read the Lord of the Rings, then I have no idea why you are visiting this site, and you won't understand anything anyway, so please leave now and don't return until you have. Please visit the Contributers page, where you will find a list of the people who have contributed to the construction of this page. If you wish to know more about me, About Me

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Who was Aragorns father?
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What is Meduseld?

Meduseld, the Golden Hall of Brego. It is a magnificent Hall in which the great Lord Theoden, son of Thengel, Lord of the Mark, King of Rohan, sits amoung his counselers and attendents. On the walls are hung great tapestries, the most magnificent of all,which a shaft of pure white light illuminates, gloriously portrays Eorl the young, first king of Rohan, riding to battle and the aid of Gondor. The Hall is long and wide,and the high ceiling is held aloft by great columns that shine dully with pale gold and many other colours (as Tolkien would spell it). The floor is paved with many stones, intricatly cut and fitted perfectly together. This Hall, which has stood since the time of the second king of Rohan, is a place of great beauty and wisdom, and in it can be found some of the greatest minds of Middle Earth. For more information on Rohan and it's history, click Here. (I wrote this myself, it is not copied from LOTR)

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