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About Me

This page is for any of you who might for some reason wish to know more about me. The description on the home page provides a rather pompous if not detailed description of me.

I live in North Carolina, but no further indication of my location will be revealed here, because I am sure that most of the people viewing my page are vicious murderers...

Perhaps you would like to picture me better? Well, I suppose I am a typical Anglo Saxon, brown hair and somewhat fair skin.

I am in the Seventh Grade. Despite the fact that there are some rather detestable fellows at my school, I think that it is a rather good school. I do like all of my current teachers, and they are reasonable, if a bit eccentric, people. As for grades, I of course recieve straight A's.

My favorite class is Latin. I am proud to exceed in this class, and have been awarded the honor of an advanced book. I am rather ahead of the rest of the class, and find the language enthralling. I recently achieved a perfect score on the National Latin Exam. Estisne Stulti?

Of course, I am generally considered a "nerd" at my school. I have often mused upon whether this is good, or bad. "Nerds" do recieve a sort of unvoiced respect. Unfortunatly, you are also often taunted and mocked by those purile jock lads.

I enjoy very much to read. Here is a list of books or series of books that I like:

1. The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien

2. Everything else written by JRR Tolkien

3. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

4. Everything else written by Charles Dickens

5. The Amelia Peabody Mysteries by Elizabeth Peters

6. Dracula by Bram Stoker

7. 1984 by umm... I can't remember

8. Animal Farm by that same guy

There are many books, however, which I rather detest. Here is a list of them. Be sure not to read them, if you have not already.

1. The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis

2. The Sword of Shannara and all other Shannara books by Terry Brooks

3. Everything my sister reads

4. Mansfield Park

5. The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

I also take part in a number of extra curricular activities. The most important of these are the Chess Club and the TSA. I weekly attend meetings for both of these organizations. As for Chess club, I am ranked #4 on the ladder. TSA, or the Technology Student Organization, is a group of students interested in technological issues who compete in Regional, State, and National competition challenging their technological skill. Recently I won a first 1st place trophy at a state tournament for my homemade remote control boat.

I do not really enjoy music, and certainly do not waste my time on music which is considered cool. I naturally watch little Television, unless something very good is on. I do, however, enjoy movies.

I have two younger siblings (sigh), a brother, 7, and a sister, 10. Their favorite sport is annoying me, and they have become quite good at it. Notwithstanding, I rather enjoy them, sometimes. My brother I have trained to be quite like me, and although he has not read LOTR, he probably knows more about it that some who have. My sister enjoys talking on the phone and other such worthless activities, and seems to do everything according to the actions and opinions of her friends.

My parents are reasonable people.