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I have compiled a list of links to my favorite Tolkien related sites. I hope you enjoy these sites, and perhaps make this page your personal portal in to the magnificent world of Tolkien online. Submit a Link

My Precious This is a page with excelent graphics which is quite amusing. There are Tolkien mp3s, fonts, hillarious games, etc. You should definetly visit this site, one of my favorites.

The One The best Tolkien site on the web, by far! You can find insightful articles, movie news, a great Tolkien chat room, and any information you could want on a Tolkien related subject.

The LOTR Movie Site Another good source of info on the upcoming LOTR movie.

Tolkien Enterprises Tolkien Enterprises owns the rights to the names and characters from Tolkiens writings. This site is a good source of news.

The Scrolls of Orthanc A site with many insightful articles on Tolkien topics. You can also find some links, as well as images and lectures.

Ardalambion A great source of information on the languages that J.R.R. Tolkien wrote. On this site you can learn any language of Middle Earth or Valinor, from the Black tongue to Entish. This site also includes a few languages Tolkien wrote as a child.

The Tolkien Society Information on Tolkien events, which you can take part in if you join this fun club. Children can join a variation of the Tolkien Society called "The Entings".

The Encyclopedia of Arda The best source for Tolkien info on the web! You can find info on almost any Tolkien topic that you can think of.

Tolkien Encyclopedia Not as good as the Encyclopedia of Arda, but still a well made, interesting site full of usefull info.

A Tribute to J.R.R. Tolkien This site has many useful links to other Tolkien sites (and has won an award for Key Resourse award). It also has a lot of great art by the Hindelbrant brothers.

The Grey havens A cool Tolkien Site.

The Lonely Mountain Forge At this site you can view and read about arms and armor from Tolkiens Middle Earth. There is also some purchasable medievil weaponry and armor.

Rolozo Tolkien An excellent Tolkien image gallery! The best on the web! Hosted by TORN (

Calacirya An interesting and informative Tolkien site.

The Tolkien Trail The most original Tolkien site I have seen! It is kind of an RPG, but not entirely, for it also includes Tolkien info, links, etc.

Tolkien's Haven A new Tolkien site that looks promising. It's already better than mine.

The Tolkien Shop The name speaks for itself.

Fuliangs Web Page Fuliang is one of my friends who has his own web page (not too good, but it's a start). You can upload some games, and sign his guestbook, but thats about all. He helped me learn the basics of HTML, so I thought I should add a link to his site. Much of the cool stuff on his web page he has copied from mine.

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