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Praps it likes riddles? Yesssssssss! This is my trivia section. In order to answer these questions, you need to know about more than just LOTR. You will need to know info about J.R.R.T., the Silmarillion, and other Tolkien books. To reveal the answer, just highlight the blank area below the question. I hope to soon include a trivia contest, the winner of which will have his name honered on the home page. I'll start with some easy ones. Good luck! Submit a Question

The answer to this week's Trivia Question of the Week is Arathorn! I apologize for the easiness of this question.

1. What was Smeagol's real name?

Hint: The answer is found in the Appendixes of LOTR.

Answer: Trahald. His companion (who you might know as Deagle) was truly named Nahald.

2. What was Gandalf's Dwarven name?

Answer: Tharkun

3. What was Gandalf called in the South?

Answer: Incanus

4.Who was last lord of Moria?

Answer: Balin, son of Fundin

5. Who was last Steward of Gondor, before the return of the King?

Answer: Faramir, for Aragorn refused to accept the Kingship untill the overthrow of Sauron.

6. What were the last words spoken in the prescense of the entire Company of the Ring?

Hint: I'm not going to give you a hint, this is an easy one!

Answer: "Fly you Fools"- Gandalf the Grey

7. Before being corrupted by evil, which Vala did Sauron serve?

Answer: Aule

8. Who built the Golden Hall, Meduseld? You should know this one if you read the text on my home page!

Answer: Brego, of course!

9. What was the name of Eomer's sword?

Answer: Guthwine

10. Who was the only mortal to return from the Halls of Mandos?

Answer: Beren, the one handed

11. Who was Tolkien's only daughter?

Answer: Pricilla Tolkien

12. Where was Tolkien born?

Hint: If you don't know, you will never guess.

Answer: South Africa

13. True of False. In Tolkien's opinion, children should read LOTR.

Answer: False, he thought that reading the book for the first time is a unique experience, which you cannot relive. Thus, if a child did not understand the complex story, the child would never experience the true glory of a first reading.

14. What was the Mace of Morgoth called?

Answer: Grond

15. What was the sword of Turin named?

Answer: Gurthang

16. Who was the esquire of Isildur?

Answer: Ohtar

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